The NCCPA is committed to building quality pathways with our K12 and Community College partners.  Below are the definitions for the pathway models. See our Resources page for a downloadable rubric with details.


Phase 1

  • Two one-year course sequence

  • CTE course and academic course integrated

  • The academic course reflects the discipline in the industry: ie., medical science with biology

  • Pathway Teacher Team has common planning time - biweekly

  • Provide integrated projects

Phase 2

  • Two to three year course sequence

  • CTE course linked to one core academic with the same cohort of students

  • The academic courses reflect the discipline in the industry

  • All teachers have regular common planning time once a week

  • Provide integrated projects

Phase 3

  • Three year sequence of courses

  • CTE course linked to at least one core academic course with the same cohort of students

  • The academic course reflects the discipline in the industry

  • All teachers share common planning time

  • Includes high-quality Project Based Learning

  • Students have the opportunity to earn a minimum of 6 college credits prior to high school graduation


Integrated Instruction

Students will be exposed to a continuum of increasingly sophisticated standards-based curriculum integrating academic and technical education.  NCCPA will coordinate efforts to provide Pathway Coaches to work with core and Career Technical Education teachers to create curriculum that prepares students for the region's high wage, high need, high growth jobs.


NCCPA Definitions of High Quality Pathways


NCCPA Foundational Elements



A College and Career Readiness Hub located on the high school campus will function as a 21st Century Learning Lab where students can access support services and postsecondary transition guidance.  The NCCPA Work-Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator will make meaningful industry connections to support students with real-work experiences such as career mentoring, industry tours, job shadowing, and internship opportunities.